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Here are a couple of reviews from previous students.
Name: Laura
Age: 28
Nationality: French

Natasha is really helpful and has taught me useful phrases. She's patient, passionate and makes you comfortable. I felt really confident in her sessions and she helped me with my pronunciations which is really important when communicating. The other good point is that she also speaks French and Spanish, so if I really didn’t understand what she was explaining in English, sometimes she gave the French translation. She wants her students to progress!  All I can say is let her teach you and feel you will feel comfortable learning a new language. Thanks Natasha!

Natasha was very helpful in the success of my coursework and through her I was able to achieve an A in my GCSE Spanish speaking exam. I was offered a range of A* phrases in my coursework when Natasha went through it with me. With her help she clearly highlighted to me in depth what I could change and adapt to my work. Although I was given help only once on this piece of coursework most phrases have stuck with me which can be regurgitated in other Spanish works. To conclude, a great tutor to edit, help or teach any form of Spanish and very highly recommendable to anyone at any level of Spanish.

Name: Benjamin
Age: 16
Nationality: British
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