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I'm Natasha, the founder of Global Tongue. I am a TEFL qualified teacher and obtained my teaching qualification when I was working in France. I am also a Graduate in International Business and Spanish. It is with great passion to teach English and Spanish as foreign languages. I have taught English and Spanish to both young and adult learners, working in schools, language academies along  with Chelsea Football Association, covering  business vocabulary and grammar.  I have been teaching over a period of 4 years, online, abroad and in the UK. It has been such a privilege helping those who are determined to improve their language skills.

Interests & Hobbies


Muay Thai Boxing


Trying different cuisines

Learning new languages

Listening to Jazz
















Global Tongue is an independent business that provides a platform for those who would like to learn English and Spanish as  foreign languages. You can choose a range of classes through Skype or face to face.

Skype is a good way to brush up on those language skills whether you have work, school or college this method of learning enables you to choose a lesson according to your own availability. If you need to practice for a business meeting or have a test, Skype is practical, time flexible and easily accessible. Audio, video and text content can all be included in your lesson.


This method of learning is for those who prefer a more engaging and interactive environment.  Although similar to Skype lessons, face to face classes incorporate consistent communication, a social experience and structured learning. 

Practice makes perfect. Although sometimes we find obstacles that get in our way, never give up until you reach your goal!






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